Twisters has been the leader in the state of Iowa within the Xcel Program since the program started in 2009, and has produced numerous local, State, and Regional champions, both at the individual and team level. The Xcel Program is a division of USA Gymnastics that is designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program to serve a diverse group of athletes. Xcel Team members are selected in the spring from Twisters Pre-Team classes. Our Xcel Team has the opportunity to work with our highly-trained coaches who inspire these young ladies to perform at their highest potential, while enhancing their self-esteem, strength, and coordination while allowing them to build lifelong friendships. Twisters competes Bronze through Diamond levels.

Xcel Prep: Ages 5 and up

Gymnasts for this class are selected to prepare for our Xcel Gymnastics Team. Gymnasts in Xcel Prep will find an increase in strength and flexibility work, as well as perfecting the basic skills essential for competitive gymnastics. From January through April, four Corridor Classic meets are offered to these gymnasts. Corridor Meets are held with other local gyms and are designed to be a fun way to introduce gymnasts to the competitive side of the sport.

Classes are two hours in length. Gymnasts have the opportunity to attend one or two classes per week.

Xcel Team: Ages 5 and up

Xcel Team members are selected in the spring from the Xcel Prep and Specialty classes. The majority of our competitive gymnasts start with the Xcel Bronze program and then progress through the Xcel divisions or move to our Junior Olympic (JO) Team.

Classes vary in length with level competing. Most gymnasts attend two or more classes per week.